Showering Love on Your Husband!


I came across a Facebook Fan Page for wives…the fan page is called 100 Days, 100 Ways to Love Your Husband. The page’s purpose is summed up like so: “In a culture where marriage is becoming obsolete and getting married is more about how to gratify yourself than your mate, divorce rates are growing and marriages all around us are falling apart. How can we as women, do our part to protect and nourish our marriages? …I will give ideas that promote intimacy and genuine love within your marriage. Every evening for 100 days I will post something you can do the following day to love on your husband. I hope you will embark on this journey with me and enjoy growing closer to your husband as you serve and love him in different ways!”

It is on Day 11, so if you are on facebook and are married, and would love to shower your husband with love and honor…I recommend following this page! :)

I also came across a FUN blog for married women who are always looking for ways to strengthen their marriage and keep things fun, fresh, romantic & strong! Here is the post that caught my eye… it is all about having a Valentine’s WEEK leading up to Valentine’s Day! Check out these ideas and get creative, ladies! Your man likes to be desired, loved and surprised just like you do! :) Here is the link to the post: Anticipation:


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